Do Your Paperless Work by Using Document Scanner

By | July 25, 2014

If you need to upgrade your business set up, then you should install a document scanner in your work place. You can do your entire paper work by scanning your document and you can easily edit the scanning document and explore it as a non printable version.

Fujitsu Snap S1300: the smallest and light weight document scanner.

scanner 1

This five pound weight document scanner is really nice and easy to carry when you travel anywhere. You can install it in your office location and connect it with your laptop easily. You can scan both side dozen papers within minutes. This scanner works very fast and you can scan colour and greyscale document also. Apart from that, this scanner has a unique portability technology which can scan cloud based documents.

Kodak ScanMate i940: the light weight USB powered document scanner

scanner 2

If you are looking for some basic computer scanner then you can choose this product. This scanner has USB power input cable and you can use it anywhere through your laptop or desktop. No other power will be needed to operate this scanner.

  1. It can scan every size documents.
  2. You can scan plastic identity card and large size document easily.
  3. SmartTouch software is performing as a converter and restores the identity records in the computer automatically.
  4. You can edit the scanned image easily by using the default software and control the brightness also.
  5. The USB connectivity is really amazing because it works as a computer device only.

Xerox Wi-Fi scanner: the mobile scanner

scanner 3

If you install this scanner in your office then you do not need any cord and power plug. This scanner works via Wi-Fi connectivity only and it has inbuilt battery also. You can use it as a mobile and just connect it through your Wi-Fi connection and use it easily.

  1. Lightest document scanner. The weight of this scanner is less than 2.8 pounds.
  2. It is a portable scanner.
  3. You can scan up to seven full size documents per minute.
  4. No additional power required.
  5. It can scan more the three thousand document at single battery charged.
  6. Scan any types of cloud based application and documents.

Neat scanner: the stylist looking portable USB scanner

scanner 4

You can use this scanner through your computer USB port. This scanner is a portable and light weight scanner in the market. The looks of this scanner is really attractive. Apart from that it has some special features like,

  1. It works faster and you can scan any size documents.
  2. It has mobile application and you can scan any software documents.
  3. The preinstalled software controls your scanning process and scans the document perfectly.
  4. It has sufficient preinstalled supported software which can identify any type of document.

Doxie Go: portable scanner

scanner 5

You can use this slick, light weight and portable scanner in your office. This scanner is easily connected through USB port and it can scan any types of documents. You can scan photographs, thermal papers and long size documents easily. The application zone of this scanner helps you to organize cloud searching software and scan all types of documents within minute.