How Can I Choose My Best Laptop

By | July 31, 2014

If you are looking for some basic features laptop then you can chose some low price products, but it is suggested to read the brochure and configurations before buying the laptop. It is very important to select the high level configuration like, motherboard, screen, hard disk, RAM and supported software.

Toshiba Kirabook: plain but efficient

laptop 1

This laptop is the first ultra book in the market which has retina apple technology and light weight machine. Most of the laptops offer this technology at the high price range, but only Toshiba can offer you at the affordable price. The 13.3 inches display of this laptop has 2560 by 1440 pixels display resolution. Apart from that, this laptop has Intel core i7 motherboard, 8GB RAM, high definition Bluetooth connectivity and multiple SD Card reader slots.

Apple Mac-Book: good to see and use

laptop 2

Apple is the finest brand in the laptop industry. This brand comes into the first choice always. Apple Mac-Book is one of the thin and light weight ultra laptop in the market. The new windows8 operating system is get popular because of its touch capability, but Apple Mac does not follow this system because if you are using this laptop then you can feel their Mac-air technology and you do not require any touch screen, this system is the most branded and latest technology in the market and this the a patent by Apple only. Apart from that, you can enjoy the high definition graphic card and it has i5 duel core processor, 8GB RAM and HD screen and sound system.

HP Chromebook 11:

laptop 3

the latest design with IPS (in-plane-switching) and the Google operating system is really awesome in this product. HP introduces their Chromebook in the market with all latest and unique technology.

  • 11 inch display screen.
  • Resolution capacity up to 1366 by 768 mega pixels.
  • Best sound system.
  • Wide range of Wi-Fi coverage.
  • ARM processor.
  • LTE hardware parts.
  • Light weight laptop.
  • High speed internet facility.
  • Best and ultra sleek design.

Dell Inspiron 11-3000: the trusted laptop

laptop 4

Dell is one of the most trusted laptop manufacturers in the industry. Their products and after sales service are really good. The 11.6 inches display with 1366 by 768 screen resolution is really awesome. Apart from that, it has some special features like,

  • You can flip its screen and use this laptop as Tablet, tent and Stand.
  • It does not require using the physical keyboard during the Stand and Tablet mode.
  • The touch screen of this laptop provides the magnificent ultra touch facility.
  • It has multiple USB port including high definition, 2.0 and 3.0.
  • Memory up to 4GB and 500GB hard disk as default setting.
  • 2.16 GHz Pentium core processor.

Lenovo Flex 2: flexible and contemporary

laptop 5

Lenovo is one of the oldest laptop manufacturers in the industry and they design their product with latest technology and long lasting facility. The wide screen resolution of 15.6 inches display is really nice of this product. Apart from that, it has 180 degree push back screen, HD display, multiple card reader, DVD burner, i5 Intel core processor and wide range Wi-Fi connectivity.