The Best Dishwashers For Your Renovated Kitchen

By | May 3, 2014

If you are really tired of washing the oil, dirt and food left-over from your dishes, then these dishwashers can be of great help to you. The hardy stainless steel exterior, LED lighting, and smart cleaning mechanisms must be looked for, when you go to buy a dishwasher.

The 102 jet dishwasher from GE: get rid of unclean utensils forever!

dish 1

This is one of the top best five dishwashers. It can be bought for the following reasons:

  • It is furnished with 102 types of water jet system that cleans the utensils very fast
  • The jet stream is also integrated with the racks at the upper level, for cleaning bottles from inside
  • Rotors that can be moved into two directions
  • Quadri blade system
  • The control panel with LCD light
  • An enviable stainless steel exterior that makes it look attractive

The DW80H9970 dishwasher from Samsung:

dish 2

It is a machine which has become very popular among chefs and housewives. Along with a stainless steel exterior design, it also has a tough look, and it comes with a water wall technology, not just the rotor blades, but the revolving water jet cycles work hard to clean the utensils inside it. Other features include:

  • Cleaning from one corner to another
  • A special cutlery rack with a rubber lining which can be removed
  • A special LED lighting display at the front portion
  • The display gives the user all information about the present washing status

The MDB4709 PA from Maytag: the dishwasher with style and design!

dish 3

While buying one of the top five best dishwashers, it is very important to understand how much electricity and water can be consumed. In that respect, this Maytag product is certainly a good choice. It has a special soil-detection sensor, and a start-up feature which can be delayed in case more utensils are to be put inside the washer. The internal filter can clean itself, and the plastic bucket like container can store excess water and dirt, before it is washed out into the drains. There are enough slots for washing flat utensils, and the user can operate it without any hidden control keys. There can be slight noise during the filling, draining of water and washing.

The 13693 dishwasher from Kenmore: an ultimate kitchen utility gadget

dish 4

This dishwasher from Kenmore adds variety to the kitchen decor, and it can be used for washing several dishes and bottles at a time. It has a soil sensoring system, and an upper rack that can be adjusted according to needs. The control panel has a LED lighting system, and the interior portion is made of stainless steel. The energy consumption is not very high, and it is first used to heat water inside the washer. It can wash steel glass, and melamine utensils, like pots, saucers and pans.

The D5894XXL dishwasher from Asko:

dish 5

This dishwasher has the following features:

  • It can take a full load of up to ten utensils at a time, and the soil sensor technology helps to clean the utensils very fast
  • The washing process can be done with both hot and cold water
  • There is almost noise during cleaning, filling the washer with water, and during spraying of water