The Best Tablets of This Year

By | August 25, 2014

Top five best tablets selection cannot be an easy task since so many branded varieties are tough competitors of each other. The pixel size and the affordability are to be kept in mind before buying tablets.

The Iconia A1 from Acer: fulfil your dreams

tab 1

Owning a budget friendly tablet is always your dream, and you can try out this Acer product for it has the following features:

  • It is cheaper than most of the market varieties, around 149 Pounds.
  • It is an android version with a special slot for inserting micro SD card.
  • The VGA camera, 1 GB RAMS, and the colour resolution of 768×1024 helps in the display of the smartest objects.
  • Good for social networking and connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet part 4: 8.0

tab 2

This can be called one of the most stylish and best tablets ever. It is expensive than the other tablets from Samsung, but the ten inch screen and the facilities of a Smartphone can really be worth buying it. It is equipped with:

  • The chrome studded thin metallic surface which is better than the I-Phones.
  • The camera is positioned in the centre.
  • The phone speaker is at the rear end, but that does not create any sort of inconvenience.
  • The thumb movement can be very comfortable while watching videos or landscape images. This phone is more suitable for high screen resolution shots, and also for the quadric core CPU which runs at GHz.

The mix of the tradition and contemporary: the Microsoft Surface version of the Pro second

tab 3


If budget is really a constraint, then this Microsoft version can be the best option for you. If you prefer to have a laptop, as well as a tablet, then also you can use it. However, while buying this tablet you have to shed an extra amount for the keyboard. You will love the features:

  • It is trendy and lightweight, as it has been designed keeping in mind your travelling purpose.
  • Since this tablet can work both as a tablet and a laptop, it can also be used as a suitable replacement to your desktop.
  • It has 1-6 GHz core with i5- 4200 U facility which accounts for a prolonged battery life and longer performance of the tablet.
  • Compared to other tablets, this provides seventy five percent more battery shelf life.

The Nokia Lumia 2520

tab 4

Not just as a celebrated branded phone, but this version of the Lumia with a quadric core option, and 800 microchip back up, provides the best option for a tablet in 2014. It is a very responsive set, and it also performs faster than other tablets. The JavaScript really performs well on this device. The 8120 MaH battery level gives longer power back up, and the pixel level of 218 ppi gives clear pictures. This tablet has an inbuilt storage capacity of 32 GB.

The beautiful Kobo Arc 10 HD

tab 5

This tablet has a greater potential for the Operating system, and it has its own Kobo store and personal applications. Special books, apps, magazines can be downloaded from the Kobo store. The button for reading presents a special menu segment from where you can also select your favourite books.