The Coolest Companions In Your Home – A Review Of Top 5 Refrigerators

By | May 15, 2014

It is very difficult to live without a refrigerator, especially in the months of summer. Along with the defrosting technology, a buyer must also see the single and double door facility and the colour and design before buying refrigerator.

The Midea Compact WHS 160 refrigerator with single and reversible door: the black beauty

refrigerator 1

This is one of the top 5 best refrigerators. It has a capacity of 4.4 cubic feet, and it also has other features that will surely make the buyer happy:

  • A regulating thermostat and complete mechanical control.
  • It saves energy, and makes the least noise.
  • The chilling compartments are separate from the storage area.
  • There is two year warranty available on the compressor.

This company has a good reputation of producing refrigerators which are totally free from harmful chlorofluorocarbons.

The LFXC24726S from LG: get the ultra modern look and superb cooling technique

refrigerator 2

This is one of the best high efficiency refrigerators from LG. Along with the updated cooling capacity, this refrigerator or also has a counter depth feature, and the stainless steel colour, along with the space plus ice system is a real gift to your relatives and dear ones in any festive season. The 110 Volts power capacity and the 304 pound weight are some of the other aspects of this refrigerator, which makes it desirable.

The Samsung RT27HDRZESA double door refrigerator: frost free cooling with metal graphite technology

refrigerator 3

This is one of the best double door refrigerators available in the market. It is equipped with two doors of metal graphite colour, and this fridge also has two shelves. It has a storage capacity of 253 litre, and it has earned a 4 star BEE rating for energy conservation. This is a frost-free refrigerator, and the interior has certain features like:

  • LED lighting system
  • Several drawers for storing fruits and vegetables.
  • Deodorizer and fresh room facility
  • Tough glass system for the shelves
  • Special egg containers and twist ice makers are also there.

The Whirlpool 205 Ice magic with silver metallic features:

refrigerator 4

This is also one of the top 5 bets refrigerators. It is very good for small households, and it is equipped with several features like:

  • One year warranty from the manufacturer
  • It has got the highest rating of 5 stars for energy efficiency.
  • The glass shelves are made of hardy glass, and they can store a weight of about 90 kg and more.
  • These shelves can be cleaned very easily, and they do not split.
  • The honey comb vegetable crisper keeps the vegetables fresh and the designed air flow management keeps the air flow intact.

The Godrej RT double door Eon refrigerator; speedy cooling

refrigerator 5

This frost free refrigerator has double doors and a faster cooling capacity than most of the branded refrigerators in the market. The features are:

  • One year warranty on product parts and two year warranty on the compressor.
  • Poly-bag suspender facility, low voltage, humidity regulator, gasket which is easily removable, and metallic door finish.
  • Cool showering features and transparent interior.
  • Fully automatic, and it comes with a two star rating.