The Top 5 Home Projectors For Your Personal Movie Hall

By | March 26, 2014

Whenever you try to buy a home projector, you must be very careful about the picture quality, clarity of videos, and the specific power consumption which the projector can incur. High resolution and composite packages for video are some of the best features which are looked after by many users.

The 1210 S standard projector from Dell: high quality movie and good sound system

projector 1

This Dell product is one of the top five best projectors available in the market. Some of its specifications are as follows:

  • A brightness of 2500 ANSI lumens
  • High quality zoom lens with good focal ratio altogether
  • The space for making a component video with the help of VGA
  • 185W user friendly and eco friendly lamp
  • A power saving mode at less than fourteen watt.
  • Warranty against manufacturing defects from Dell company

The CP-WX3015WN from Hitachi:

projector 2

When it comes to good home viewing through projectors, this Hitachi product has no alternative. This is a wireless LCD projector which can also be used to clone and copy one material from one projector to another via USB. It has a warranty on the projector, for two years, and a three month warranty on the lamp. There are slots for RGA component video, and also for VGA videos. There are also two different slots for HDMI input, and also for USB port.

The Power lite home cinema 750 HD from Epson: light up your life with this awesome projector

projector 3

This projector is rated as one of the top five home projectors. The buyer will be happy to find out its following features:

  • It is not very expensive, and it provides 3D support for blu ray music players, and for FIOS.
  • This projector comes with a pair of 3 dimensional glasses for the viewers
  • It delivers clear images which are rainbow-free
  • The 3000 lumen brightness capacity can easily light up a dark room or a theatre hall
  • The high definition quality is very good for detailed shadows, and also for detailing in scenes in pictures.
  • It can save power cost when it is operated in the eco mode

The Viewsonic PRO 9000: a real movie maker

projector 4

When it comes to balancing price with possible qualities, then this View sonic product can be a very good option. The additional interpolation of viewing frames is a positive feature of this projector. The lens shifting and high definition zoom quality is good to watch moving persons and things in a picture. The light source in this projector has a 20,000 hour rating. The average power consumption for running this projector daily is just 186 Watts. The two Watt speakers are very good sources of sound and the image quality is also great.

The BenQ 1075 projector:

projector 5

This is also a good product from BenQ, who also manufacture high quality mobile phones. This projector is good because:

  • High definition resolution, colour and brightness, as well as clear image quality are really desirable.
  • Its brightness can be reduced by switching on the eco mode. This also saves power and environment
  • The HDMI port makes it easier to connect the projector to a mobile phone or tablet.