The Top 5 Printers for Better Performance

By | September 15, 2014

If you are too keen about the clarity of your printed pictures or the precision of your documents, then you can certainly go through the list of the following printers. They are not only new, but they provide a wide range of affordable features.

The M401DW from HP Laser Jet variety: stylish and cool printer

printer 1

If you are inclined to buy an affordable yet trendy monochrome printer, then this can be your best choice. It is among the top five printers, and the wireless facilities in this also help to print mobile pictures. The low monthly cost for operating this printer is very low, but it is good for household purposes, as its inbuilt capacity does not always support bulk printing works. It can print up to thirty pages within a single minute. For some extra money, you can opt for a replaceable toner. It carries fifty pages in its tray which is a multipurpose one.

The PRO 905 from Lexmark Platinum: design and productivity

printer 2

Among the best combination of scanners, copiers, printers and fax devices, this printer holds a special position. Some of its best features can be summed up as:

  • It is priced at more than $ 490, and the virtual customization panel option helps in detecting menu and channelizing printing activity faster.
  • The touch screen does not offer any extra button, but it does not cause much inconvenience altogether.
  • It has a professional outlook and design.
  • The magnetic touch screen helps in identifying and operating the icons.
  • Under the additional applications, this can also be attached to the Ethernet.

The Workforce 310 from Epson:

printer 3

This is really the workforce printer, as you can use it as an affordable device, and it has a control panel which includes every possible icon. However, the absence of Wi-Fi and auto duplexer can create some complications for regular users. The document feeding panel works automatically. The black carbon colour and texture is also present in the exterior printer case. The specialty of this printer is that, it can store more than 55 speed dial numbers for fax purpose. When it is not being operated, it can store more than 20 pounds of white paper on the tray. The press manager technical system helps in storing scanned pictures.

The HP Desk-jet 3050A: special features

printer 4

This is surely one among the top five best printers. Its features:

  • Web connectivity system through wireless mode.
  • Equipped with trendiest cloud-printing features.
  • A single tricolour variety of cartridge can give you multiple coloured prints.
  • It has a flat bed scanner. The lack of USB should not bother you, because the presence of flash drive can ease your work.

The Kodak Hero printer 9.1 version

printer 5

This is an extremely reasonable printer, and the double tray option gives you the opportunity for storing printed papers and important scanned images. The cartridge gives you only one colour option, but it can easily be refilled. The multi-function for printing images is a good option for you. The control panel is built in a most exquisite manner and the duplexer adds to your monetary benefit in the long run.